First, acquire this small molecule they call HIV

It can be done in several ways.

None of them matters.

Then change country, go far, leave everybody, start a new life in a country where the sky is often grey and lead heavy.

When you meet somebody you really, really, like:

Take a deep breath.

Breath deeper.

Make a list of all you are, and more.

Say: all of this will always be me, whether he stays or goes.

“I have something to tell you”

“There is something I have to say”

It is still me: I smell the same I look the same I love the same.


I have HIV


I am the same I look the same I smell the same.

I love you the same.

This is a poem I have written at the workshop ‘Poetry for Activism’ with the talented poet Dorothea Smartt at the WISE UP+ 3 days intensive training for women living with HIV I facilitated in June.  Who knew I would enjoy so much writing poetry!



Dorothea Smartt



3 thoughts on “How To Disclose Your HIV Status in 20 minutes

  1. Dear Silvia, beautiful poem, thanx for sharing! could you pls tell me a little more about that 3 day training? we are planning to organise several anti-stigma ‘things’ and i could use some ideas! xxx hannah

  2. Hi Hannah please have a look at the report on my blog. There is a link at the end of the poem. If you have any soecific quedtions email me.

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