UntitledThis year is looking full of exciting projects. I am so overjoyed to be involved with WISE UP+  , an innovative advocacy training for women living with HIV. It will look at HIV advocacy from a gender perspective and will include yoga sessions, poetry with the amazing Dorothea Smart,  human rights, and the importance of a black feminist prospective.

The two days workshop will be aimed at new activists especially young women and women who have been more recently diagnosed and haven’t had many opportunities to access training.

Please read more details on the program which is supported by the Sophia Forum in collaboration with Positively UK  below .


Are you a woman living with HIV? Are you young or have you been recently diagnosed?

Have you ever felt fed up and unhappy about society’s attitude towards women with HIV? Would you like more respect and acceptance? Do you want to make a difference? Then WISE UP+ is for you!

Women: Meet other women living with HIV and share experiences

Inspire and be inspired: Learn about specific issues for women living with HIV and developing strategies to address them

Support: Build a support network. Learn how to find new sources of support

Empower: Know your rights. Develop skills to be heard and influence decision making

Unleashing Positive Potential! Be yourself!

Free two days’ workshop for women living with HIV, especially young women and those recently diagnosed, to explore, connect and influence.

The workshop will include:

  • Knowing your rights
  • Confidence building
  • Nurturing support and self-acceptance
  • Sexual Healing – sex, pleasure and relationships with HIV
  • Skills for challenging injustices and action for change
  • Creativity and poetry

Where:  Luther King House, Manchester  When: from 20 to 22 June 2014

To find out more, please contact: WiseUp@positivelyuk.org, or call: 0207 7130444

Application Deadline: 8 April 2014

Travel, food and accommodation and some support for childcare will be provided.



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