My strongest piece of advice to somebody who has just been diagnosed with HIV would be: meet other people with HIV. In my experience this was the most effective way to deal with the trauma of the diagnosis and  learn how to live a good life in spite of this virus.

I am  very excited that at last there is some TLC for people who have just received a HIV diagnosis. TLC in this case doesn’t mean only Tender Loving and Care, but also  Taking Control, Learn and Connect and is the title of a weekend workshop for people living with HIV.


Facilitated by Positively UK staff and volunteers who are living with HIV themselves, taking a new approach to supporting people with an HIV diagnosis the two day events will provide participants with the opportunities to: connect with other people living with HIV; learn how to get the support they need; and take control of their HIV.

Marc Thompson, Peer Mentor Project Co-ordinator, stated, “Receiving an HIV diagnosis can be a frightening and confusing time. These workshops will give people the opportunity to connect with others in a similar position, with the same kind of concerns. These weekend workshops will provide the participants with a deeper understanding of HIV, increased knowledge of treatment and care, and, most importantly, the chance to engage with other people; all of which will help open the door to living well with HIV”. 

Over the course of the weekend, participants will be able to ask any questions and receive advice, guidance and support from peers who understand the issues that living with HIV may present. Participants will also get to meet representatives from a range of organisations that provide support to people living with HIV.

Those facilitating the workshops will share their own experiences of living with HIV, responding to the situations of the participants and their specific concerns.

Three workshops will run in the New Year, taking place on:

1-2 February

15-16  March

12-13  April

For more information email: tlc@positivelyuk.org or call 02077130444


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