Last week I attended the African Health Promotion Summit where  I had been asked to present around the reciprocal links between of Gender Based Violence and HIV. This is a huge issue for all women living with HIV, not just African women.

I prepared a presentation very much framed  on the approach of f the Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS in Malawi (COWLHA) who uses Stepping Stones to overcome the impact of Gender based Violence and HIV, and  to improve communication and relationship skills and restore peace and prosperity in their families and communities. It is possible to see them in action here.

The title, focuses on ‘Safety and Respect, ‘ two positive notions, rather than the stigmatized HIV and GBV. This is an attempt   to use empowering language,. A language that doesn’t reinforce ”the problem’ and stigmatizing notions, but that enables us to focus on positive aspects and envisage solutions.

My slides, including the title,  are also heavily indebted to a presentation Alice Welbourn made  for a quarterly meeting of the UKConsortium on AIDS and Development last summer (they  recently re-branded as STOP AIDS) .


Diapositiva02This quote  comes from the participatory research done in collaboration by Sophia Forum, PozFem UK and Positively UK,




We have borrowed a couple of slides here from WHO and London School of Hygene and Tropical Medicine and STRIVE.



This infographic shows clearly that around the world an average of 1 in 3 women have been affected or will be.


This slide shows clearly the impact of this violence on women, in terms of mental health, sexual and reproductive health and death and injury.




You can read this paper here


Diapositiva13Intimate partner violence in women living with HIV attending an inner city clinic in the UK: prevalence and associated factorsDhairyawan RTariq SScourse RCoyne KM.

Diapositiva14Out of 198 women who responded to the questionnaire.


52% had experienced Intimate Partner violence in their lifetime! More than half!Diapositiva16

And 14% had experienced Violence from their partner in the past year!

The last 3 slides are from the  presentation done by Dr. Rageshri  Dhairyawan at BHIVA Spring Conference in 2012. You can see all the slides here.


Diapositiva18This was presented as a poster at BHIVA in 2012. .


Diapositiva20The full report is available here.


Diapositiva22To read more about this report go here.





Diapositiva27Or maybe simply follow WHO recommendations? You can read about them here. Those recommendation are also for European countries!


I would like to leave you with the vision developed by PozFem members who lead the participatory research on Gender based Violence and HIV in the UK. 




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