I was wondering if you could help. I’m a journalist writing a feature for the Daily Mail and am looking to interview a British woman over the age of 25 who has contracted HIV (not through sex) and as a result has decided to remain a virgin. She would need to be pictured, would have full copy approval and would be paid for her time.

Any takers?


10 thoughts on “Daily Mail Request: HIV positive 25 Years Old Virgin

  1. hahaha, how much does it pay?
    and i ll just pretend i got it being a virgin, from my mum, who also was a virgin at the time, but got it thru rape. and since than i hate all men of course, cos theyre all potentially rapists and hiv-infectors!
    and so of course i remained a virgin ever since, and my only scare is to get raped.
    anything else she needs to know?!
    stupid journalists – who think us people with hiv can still be classified in any way they like or suits them.

  2. didn’t know the daily news was aiming for potential priests and nuns who wanna be famous for one day, the last part is interesting too > let’s introduce payment for time overhere as well!

  3. Thank you for your comments
    Well it is truly absurd. Why should somebody with HIV give up sex? It is a fundamental human need! HIV is very difficult to transmit and thanks to condoms, female condoms, and being on treatment people with HIV and their partners can have pleasurable safer sex.

    However I don’t think it is unusual for newspaper to pay for interviews. I don’t think in this case it would be the same fee as Angelina Jolie…

  4. Good to ‘hear’ it’s not all that unusual in the UK to pay someone for sharing a personal, and most of the times quite delicate hiv-story with the press! I often wondered about the reason why press-persons in the Netherlands sometimes react rather offended when you bring up some kind of reward, or a possible fee. If you’re very lucky you’ll get flowers or a bottle of wine. I figure holding all the cards for a long time makes it hard to let go of the game, even when it’s obviously outdated.
    Anyhow: what’s considered a reasonable fee for a personal interview of, let’s say 2 1/2 hours in the UK then? And does it depend on someones social and/or economical position; on the status of the specific press item; on something I can’t even imagine … ? Thnx so much for your voluntarily spend, priceless time! 😉

  5. Well in the UK you could get maybe £400 for an interview with name and pictures to £150 for just a short interview. Many don’t pay. Most of us just do it because we believe that visibility and having a voice reduces stigma.

  6. Thanks for your reply! Personaly i’m a little (or even more then a little…) fed up with being open to rhe press ‘for the good cause’. Thank God reducing stigma on hiv doesn’t depend on the media alone. So please do keep up your ‘good work’ here!

  7. Thank you Marilou for your comments. I do think the media has an important role to play in changing people”s minds and hearts. Obviously also other things are important such as school curriculum and social policy….it’s a long way to go… !

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