World AIDS Day came with a very dark cloud this year. It should have been a celebration of what we have learnt in the past 30 years,  and how far we have gone.  However, the cancellation of the 11th round of funding of  the Global Fund to fight Malaria Tuberculosis and HIV has created a sense of doom and panic. Many of the advances of the past few years, with  millions of people on treatment in Africa and Asia , could be set back by this. Millions of lives will be lost. It is like having to fight all the same battles again. It’s exhausting.

Networks of women living with HIV and their supporters, including the Global Fund,  have developed a letter to the leaders of the G8 which has been translated, in less than 24 hours in 8 languages (including Chinese, Japanese and Hindi !). The letter can be read and signed by anybody who supports us, individually or as an organization here is the link:


Lack of funds was a feature not only on the international field, but also of our local reality.  Positively UK is  struggling and every penny counts. So this year we decided we would try and go in tube stations to rattle our cans and ask passer byes for spare coins and the occasional note, in exchange for a red ribbon.

I was totally dreading it.

We had to start at 730 am, and no matter how much coffee I drink I am at my most unsociable at that time. Luckily we were  aided by some bubbly volunteers from Grey Goose Vodka. Not even the sight of my very cute volunteer put me in a good mood when I arrived at Euston Station just after 7. When I went to talk to the station manager my worst fears  seemed to become a reality:

–  ‘Morning… I am here for a charity collection, here is the authorization

– A yes,  yes….Just keep out of the way,  this station is very busy

–  OK, will do…

–  What are you collecting for anyway?  People have no money those  days, everybody is strapped up for cash…

– It is World AIDS Day, I am collecting to support People with HIV in the UK

– Well, nobody has definitely any money to give to THAT!

I just looked at the floor in anger.

So I went to stay at a corner while the Grey Goose cutie was at the other corner.

– World AIDS Day, World AIDS Day!

We shouted, while people walked by,  trying to avoid us, not to waste time in the rush hour. When the first woman stopped and said ‘Oh my God I nearly forgot!’ and gave us a few pounds I felt a knot in my throat. For the first 15 minutes I found it really hard  not to cry every time somebody stopped and gave me money.  But after about after half an hour I toughened up and  I was OK.  Euston is the station close to my yoga school,  where I go to practice every morning, so many of my friends from yoga passed by. From them I got money AND a hug.

We collected from 5 stations for only a couple of hours and we reached our target of £2000, which all considered is pretty good. So we will do it again next year. I am ok having had the experience, but I don’t think I am looking forward to doing it again!




One thought on “World AIDS Day Hardship

  1. Well done to you and all the other volunteers for ignoring stupid, ignorant people and persevering with the collections & for reaching your target amount! I hope you got to have a few sips of Grey Goose for all your efforts and here’s another hug from me! 🙂

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