It is 5.:15 in the morning and I am obviously jet legged , since instead of being in my bed I have decided to blog.  I am here because I have been invited to the High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS at the United Nations. I was asked to speak at the closing plenary on Friday.  I have the whole week to be nervous and worry about it.

I decided to blog again because I feel it is a tremendous privilege to be invited here, and it is a way for me to share with others what is going, from the point of view of somebody who is HIV positive.

What does it mean to be really involved for people living with HIV? Why is GIPA (Greater Involvement of People with HIV and AIDS) important? I have been asked to speak about this on Friday.  An important aspect of GIPA for me is that we don’t participate just as individuals but we represent and report to our communities. So I hope to do this through blogging. Well I am off to yoga now which hopefully will help me fight jet-le.  Then I am off for registration and a  meeting with other speakers. Hopefully will not fall asleep in the middle of it!


3 thoughts on “High Level Meeting on HIV and AIDS in New York

  1. Glad you arrived safely. Hope it’s a good week and world leaders make some decisions. There’s a lot of rhetoric in the UK around big society and involvement of patients with the ‘no decision about me without me’ mantra. Let’s see the UK representatives demonstrate true commitment to this and take GIPA seriously at this event. Good luck!


  2. Hang in there Silvia, check out the pasta places in Little Italy, do your yoga and keep your feet on the ground. Build up your power for Friday’s speech. We know you will be excellent.


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