I have learnt to love myself

That I can live

I appreciate every day

To be grateful, count my blessings

I learned I can make friends

That there is new life after a HIV diagnosis

To know my body and recognise when something is wrong

Appreciate every day of life I have and make non judgemental female friends

Not to judge others, to appreciate people more

To be selfish and arrogant in a good way

I can have fun and be strong for my daughter

Joining PozFem has enabled me to disclose my status without fear

That life goes on

That HIV is a great leveler, makes no difference what or who you are

To live life for today

I learned to be blessed and not be as judgemental as I was before my diagnosis

HIV has helped me live life and made me stronger, I am now able to do talks, challenge misconceptions around HIV as well as judgemental attitudes

Medication alone is not the answer, that psychosocial support is just as important in learning to deal with HIV

I have more inner resources, and that there are people who are worse off than I am

I don’t have to tell everyone everything about me

I now have hope and courage to deal with the challenges that HIV presents to me

Having HIV is not the end of the world

Accept myself and to take care of myself and my kids

I am stronger than I thought I was

Life would have been better if I did not have HIV, however, I have learnt to use condoms!

I am now able to tell people my status, I can and I am supporting newly diagnosed women and I have now been able to disclose my status to my children

I am strong, that never having been an expert in anything,  I am now an expert in HIV

To focus on positive things

That being HIV positive is not being dangerous, and I have now been able to disclose my status to my children and my grandmother

I have learnt to love myself, start a degree course in events management

There is life after a diagnosis, that I can live and see my children and that I can make friends.

PozFem Members Manchester September 2010


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