Yesterday was the 21st edition of Walk for Life a sponsored 10 Km walk in support of CRUSAID an organization that not only funds ARV’s clinics in Africa but also gives small hardship grants to people living with HIV in the UK.

So many people think that HIV is something that happens somewhere far away from us to ‘other’ people. It is really harrowing to think that it is happening right here, and that actually Southwark and Lambeth, so close to Tower Bridge where the walk starts, have the highest HIV prevalence in this country. Infections have never gone down in the UK.  And if ill-health wasn’t enough, people who are HIV+ are also much more likely to be poor. 

Research shows that one in 3 people with HIV in the UK has faced poverty. Access to the hardship fund means that some of us have been able to buy food, or pay a heathing bill when things were really hard. Even I, when I first arrived in London and used to crochet jumpers for less the £100 a week,  was supported by this grant, which meant I could continue heating my room, and not starve during a particularly cold winter.

Here are some images from the walk, and proof I have done it! You can still sponsor me until the end of August! it is very easy: here is a link to my sponsorship page. Please donate generously… I may be an OK activist but I am surely a crappy fundraiser…Haven’t got a penny in yet….So please please please… sponsor me

Here is our walking team with the banner and our new brand and logo. I love the fact that the picture depicts men, women, and children…just as the words on the banner say.

Here is the start of the walk..as you can see a big crowd!

But it looks like not many people arrived…

And this is my personal favourite. I think it says it all!


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