We will not be able to stop the deportation of Lady X – this is how I decided to call the lady that was ‘snatched’ from Northern Ireland to be taken to a detention centres first in Scotland, then in Manchester and was  moved yesterday to Yarlswood, in Bedfordshire.

 There is nothing I, or any of us, can do to stop it. Her flight back to Malawi is booked for tonight. I spoke to her on the phone yesterday. I had to gather the strength to call her. I just couldn’t face saying: there is nothing that can be done. But anyway, I though it is better that she goes knowing that there are people here who care about what is happening to her. She sounded OK on the phone. She told me that she has a 2 month supply of medication and the HIV organization which supported her in Northern Ireland will send her another three months. Obviously she was concerned about what would happen afterwards. She is on second line treatment which is not available in Malawi, one of the world poorest countries.

What will happen when her medication runs out? What will she do in a country she left over six year ago? How will she find a home, a job, medical and psychological support? What can I – and you – do about it?


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