I have received an alarmed email from PozFem members from Northern Ireland.

A lady from their group who had been living in Northern Ireland for over six years was taken to detention centre and is going to be deported back to Malawi, were she has nobody, on Wendsday.

Last Thursday she went to the police to sign as she does as part of her process of applying for asylum. She was taken directly from the police station to a boat who took her to Scotland. She didn’t have anything on her, not a toothbrush, or a change of clothes and worst of all, not even her medication. Her mobile phone soon ran out of batter and she didn’t have any access to her friends any more, all her numbers were in the phone.

From Scotland she was taken to Manchester and from Manchester she will be taken to Yarlswood in Bredforshire. She has a flight booked to be taken back to Malawi on Wendsday. Somehow the PozFem members in Ireland have managed to keep in contact with her. Thank to them she now has ARVs for a month and some clothes. But obviously she is really distressed because she doesn’t have anybody left in Malawi. Through ICW we are trying to get contacts there that can help her.

The trauma of her deportation is deep.  We know from the experiences of others who have gone through similar circumstances, such as Jewish women during the holocaust for example, that being taken suddenly for deportation and detention  to a place where most likely one can expect to face illness, hardship and death,will have deep repercussions on one’s mental and physical health for a long time.

I am ashamed that a country like the UK can treat a person who is looking for safety here with such inhumanity.

If you have any idea on how we can highlight the inhumane treatment of HIV positive Asylum Seekers or how we can help this lady please contact me.


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