I am getting ready to head back to Europe after a couple of weeks in the US as an illegal visitor (as a person living with HIV I would not be allowed to come to the US unless I had a special waiver from the American Consulate). I had to hid my medications in vitamin bottles and prey at custom that I would not  get  caught.

Obama is working at changing traveling restriction to the US for PLHIV, and by the end of this year, hopefully, the travel ban will be lifted and we will be allowed to travel to the USA like any other European citizen.

Of course the US having more then 1,200,000 people infected with the virus has also a fantastic activist community. I would like to share with you a video interview I did with Regan Hofmann,  chief editor of  POZ,  another inspiring woman openly living with HIV. The interview was filmed last year in August when I was at the International Aids Conference in Mexico.

POZ – World AIDS Day : Video Interview: Silvia Petretti

I hope you enjoy it. And I also hope that the FBI and CIA will not track me down through this blog and arrest me for traveling to the US illegally!


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