Yoga: re-discovering physical and mental balance after an HIV diagnosis

Through yoga I rediscovered the joy of being in my skin, flesh and bones. As I started to go to yoga classes more frequently, something awoke within me. Pure happiness of being alive. Lifting my arms, breathing: I felt all the cells in my body rejoicing…. yoga helped me re-connect to something within me which is strong, happy, stable and compassionate.

Women living with HIV: time to talk about pleasure….

Good sex, intimacy and sensual pleasure are an important part of quality of life, but it is very rare that we give ourselves space to think about them. Sex is powerful. It underlies so much of our lives, who we are, and what we do. However, we seldom have opportunities to talk openly about it. Having HIV, and many of us having acquired HIV through sex, complicates things even further. However, I firmly believe that HIV does not have to be a barrier to a pleasurable sex life.

Women’s Health for women living with HIV

I am very excited that The Women’s Room next week will provide a space for women with HIV to ask all their treatment and health related questions to Dr Verity Sullivan, an HIV physician, who is particularly passionate about the health of women living with HIV.

The group is open to all women living with HIV, we have a crèche, and can reimburse travel expenses to women on a low income. So if you have any questions about HIV, you never dared to ask before…. Come and join us!